Over 20 years ago I did not look like I do today. You see I was very overweight, tipping over the 110kg mark despite wearing a smile and looking like a confident happy person. I wasn’t however - I was miserable, frustrated and felt like a failure. I had let my weight go, and I was only in my early 20’s.

Like so many other people, I was constantly trying new diets and weight loss programs, but found that nothing lead to PERMANENT weight loss.


Yes, some of them ‘did work’ for the few months I was on them. I would say to myself “this time I’m serious”. I would be determined to exercise like a lunatic and follow the diet plan to the letter… and I would get to a weight where I felt great.


One time I lost 15 kilo’s… BUT I found that within the year I was worse off than before. I had put the weight back on and then some more! Over time I became more deflated, getting fatter and kind of resigning myself to the fact that even though I wanted to change, I was too busy to exercise and sort myself out with food and it just wasn’t going to happen for me. Life was just too hectic to put all of that time and effort required to lose the weight and keep it off.

I had an active childhood. I was not sporty at all, rather the school academic who loved the creative things like speeches, but I spent a lot of time on my grandparents farm and rode horses from a young age. So as a child growing up and into my young adult hood I did not have a weight problem. I then left home at 18 and got a job in a bank. Suddenly my lifestyle was different. I didn’t exercise and I wasn’t even thinking about what I ate. And I can say looking back, I ate a lot, and not a lot of good food. I was also an ‘emotional eater’ and when I was upset I would binge eat as a result. I just started to become a busy, full time working woman doing 9-5 job, disregarding exercise and the need to truly get my eating under control.

I had my first child when I was 19 turning 20. I got even fatter…and it didn’t come off. Other women in my family were overweight, so I told myself that it was genetic. I had a slow metabolism. I justified my lack of losing weight and looking the way I did because of that.

Then something happened….when my first child, my son Corey was around 2 I took him to the beach, and spent the day in tights and an enormous t-shirt. I felt embarrassed as I sat there in the sand while he played thinking I didn’t want him to grow up remembering his youth with me never doing all the fun, active things with him like swimming, playing on the beach etc.

It was one of those life changing moments for me. I vowed that I was going to change things around. I was going to seek out a way that was different. I started reading everything I could find about weight loss, nutrition, dieting, exercise, changing your life and more. I started working on what I said to myself. I vowed that no matter what as long as I kept moving forward (even if that meant 100gm loss) I would still see myself positively. I applied the things that I will teach you today to my life and they worked!

Along with working on my mindset I began to eat more nutritiously, and added exercise to my lifestyle in a way that worked in with by crazy schedule. I broke old habits and developed new habits with my food choices supported my busy lifestyle, but still kept me moving forward.


When I slipped up and had a ‘fall from the wagon’, (because I did at times), the difference was it was no longer un-salvageable and I no longer allowed this to be a reason to say I failed and excuse myself. I kept telling myself I was on a journey for good and I wasn’t going to give up, but instead just keep moving forward.

What happened? Well within a couple of years I had lost a significant amount of weight. Through this time I got married and then divorced which was a very difficult time. I also had two more beautiful children - Natalie and Charlotte by the age of 36. I spent a number of years before Charlotte being a single mother. With Corey for a while, and then with both Corey and Natalie. I had always held down a full time job. I was an extremely busy single mother of two children 8 years apart . Yes I was super busy as anyone who is a solo parent would understand, but by that stage I was already very much on a happier path and I now had learnt the value of living a more balanced life.

The years have rolled on so fast and now with two of my children finished school and adults I have entered into a different phase of life – the perimenopause phase while still maintaining great health and the majority of my weight loss. I love the chapters of my life because it means that as I navigate my way through my journey it means I continue to learn more to help you through the stages of your journey too.

15 years ago my motivation was to continue to look after myself… but I couldn’t help sharing my knowledge and story with everyone because I care. I wanted others to feel the way I did. I finally knew what the word empowered actually meant. I am excited that you too will soon feel this way as well!

I am very passionate about teaching you the tools you need, to live a busy, yet healthy balanced lifestyle.

In the past 5 years I am thrilled to have helped thousands of people just like you with the programs I lovingly created and that you can choose from. Each program born from an understanding of the different things we go through, that we need to learn for permanent weight loss success while embracing the reality that one size does not fit all.


No matter what you choose all of my programs and products are guaranteed to help you lose weight, rebuild a lifestyle for long term health, vitality and quality and ultimately empower you to know how to keep it off for good…even if you are SUPER BUSY.

I hope after reading my story and looking through my website, you become my newest friend. You can do this! This can be a life changing moment for you I promise! Your success is my success and I am very excited to be part of this stage in YOUR JOURNEY.

Here’s to the new and improved you! xx






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