Frequently asked questions

How much weight can I lose?

This program is designed to support and educate you for long term weight loss. Therefore we follow the medical rule of aiming for a loss of .500g per week. However everyone is different. The main focus is that a loss is a loss no matter how small. It’s the direction your going in while changing your lifestyle and mindset that makes the difference

Do I have to use your products to do your program?

No you do not have to at all. We offer a fantastic range to support people who need a healthy but convenient alternative food in their day. All of our products are personally used by Tanisha herself.

Can I do this program if I don’t have a lot of weight to lose?

Of course you can in fact we are finding more and more people are doing their 12 week busyslim journey to get their lifestyle back on track for good health.

How much exercise do I have to do?

The aim of the program is to rebuild your lifestyle and build the habit and enjoyment around exercise. So everyone is an individual and on the first introductory night you are educated on how to start adding it into your life and you make a personal decision on what exercise you are going to start with?

How quickly can I expect to lose weight?

Everyone is different but we know that if you follow the program correctly you will definitely lose weight. The amount and speed can depend on how quickly you embrace and put into practice what you learn. Some people have immediate and ongoing loss. Some may lose a bigger amount then have an off week then lose again.

Will I still be able to eat the same food as my family?

Of course but our aim is to teach you how to eat healthier. So you may have to prepare some different meals at some times but the goal is to take you from where you are now and change your food behaviours, choices and habits over time. A lot of the time the whole family starts to embrace eating better as a result of seeing the changes happening with you.

What if I can’t commit to a full 12 weeks ?

Tanisha caters her consultations to the individual. You can have an initial consultation to discuss what you need help with and then from there she will recommend how many times you need to see her and provide you with a comprehensive plan. Then you can make an informed decision on what you want to run with.

How is the 8 week motivator different?

This is a stand alone program aimed at providing education but more a daily support tool to be mindful for 8 weeks to stay on track. This is fantastic for the person who just needs to follow something that isn’t complicated. There are no workshops .

What happens after I finish my 12 week program?

There are a number of options. Many people who have long term success continue to do another program to fully cement the knowledge and still have the accountability and support. There are support meetings run regularly to touch base with others who have also done the program but in a maintenance phase. You can continue with casual consultations fortnightly or take up personal training with tanisha if local and she has availability.




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