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Hi, my name is Melissa,

I am a dedicated Mother, teacher, friend and believer in social justice.

Like many women, I was in my late 30’s when I decided to have a family and after two tiresome pregnancies and the birth of my disabled daughter, I seemed to have somewhat lost myself.

I found that I was always tired, stressed and not really managing to cope with the demands of parenting and working as well as I had expected to.

I knew that my self-esteem had taken a battering and I really needed to start breaking some poor eating and sleeping habits.

The only problem was that I did not know how to control my weight, become fit and healthy again and balance the challenges of working and parenting.

If I was to be totally honest I think I was also very scared to change my life. It all seemed far too difficult.

It was Tanisha who gave me the chance to find out how to become a better person and to develop the courage to value myself again.

By really understanding the core messages of Tanisha Tottman’s Busyslim program, I learned how to physically and more importantly in a psychological sense, lose weight and be healthy again.  PERMANENTLY

Through Tanisha’s teaching and personal encouragement, I have lost in excess of 20 kilos and have managed to sustain this for the past year. My new lifestyle is ongoing and has provided me with the tools to balance my family, as well as myself in ways I never imagined to be possible.

We now all enjoy a much more healthy and balanced way of living thanks to Tanisha’s Busyslim program.

Truthfully, one of the most significant decisions that I have made in my life was to trust Tanisha and to embrace the messages of Busyslim.

Update: as at May 2019 Melissa has maintained her weight loss now for 4 years....well done Melissa!


Hello, My name is Steve Peverill  and I am 50 years old,  I live in Camden NSW with my wife Nicci and daughter Olivia.

 How it all began was we would walk past Tanisha’s house who had her car parked outside with all the Busyslim sign writing on it that caught our eye.

Nicci would often say when we dropped off or picked up Olivia from school,  “I need to speak to the person at Busyslim about what this all means” as we were very busy people it was about time to find out what it meant. .

Then one day my wife did, she came home and said I am doing it.

This was the start of what was to come. She went through the 12 week program with amazing results that inspired me to give it a go.

Each week I would get a revised version of the program when Nicci got home from her meeting.

The clear message for me was this is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change.

When we went out for dinner I ate all the wrong foods, also enjoying beers that hung around my waist line.

The message rang out loud and clear, I did not want a diet ….i needed a lifestyle change. My wife was doing this despite being extremely busy looking after our family and running her own cake business – she was changing herself despite working with sugar and chocolate everyday.

Basically I had been getting an inside head start from watching her change of what I needed to do in my life, not only for me but for my family also.

This motivated me to do the 12 week program, what did I have to lose!


When I started this journey I had been lacking in motivating, stamina and truly overweight. It’s embarrassing to think at my worst I weight around 114 kilo’s. 

The weeks leading up to starting the program had seen me drop a few kilo’s from listening and learning from Nicci.

 I thought  to myself, losing 7 kilos would be a good start, yet did I know I would lose just over 10 kilo’s in the 3 months of doing the program.

Since doing the 12 Week Busyslim program and having my lifestyle change I have dropped down to 93.5kilos and lost around 8 inches around my waistline.

I cannot believe I have gone from 102” jean’s down to 96” jeans, while the shirt size 5XL dropping to XL or XXL. The day I realized my weight loss I  had  also seen my whole life change in front of me.

It’s been 5 months since my last beer, however I don’t miss it at all.

The Busyslim  program has educated, motivated and empowered me,  knowing what I eat, how I think and how I act has a knock on effect.

Don’t get me wrong I eat chocolate and I enjoy my sweet treats, it’s not what I use to indulge in like before. But now I know how to balance it. That’s a huge change for me.

The journey has seen me doing long walks, personal training with Tanisha once a week, and even a Saturday boot camp each fortnight.

Who would have thought this 6 months ago. This has given me a new lease on life.

The hardest thing for me was to get up and walk down to get started. No one likes to admit they need help,  but I did and I asked and  it was one of the smartest decisions I have made.

Our whole family is healthy. I am very proud of that.




BusySlim has changed my life. I lost 11kg during the first program and have quickly re-enrolled for the next 12 Week Program to lose even more. Making the commitment to the program was the best decision I have made for myself, my health and my family. 

I've learnt to trust and love myself again. I've learnt to eat well and make good nutritional food choices. I became adicted to hiking, planning and being organised to achieve what I want for myself and my family.

I can't thank Tanisha enough from BusySlim for her support, encouragement and passion for helping others. 


Left - Progress shot of Toni after losing 9.3kg and 47cm. Right - 2017 Toni after the Busyslim 12 Week Program, weighing less than her goal weight! As at 2019 Toni has maintained her overall loss of 17 kilo's from doing Busyslim.

When it comes to losing weight, let’s face it, it ain’t easy. Portion size, calories, exercise and wait for it, mind. When we want to lose weight it’s because we don’t fit in our clothes anymore or it’s for health reasons. For me it was for health reasons. My weight was up and went up quickly, and my cholesterol was up as well. I was told that I had to go on cholesterol medication. Not if I could help it.


My weight was 78kg and my cholesterol was 8. At the end of the 12wks I had lost approx 11kg and my cholesterol level was back to 5.4, where it had been for years, and no meds required. Yay. It was a case of I had to do it and do it properly or not do it at all. For me it meant a meal plan, portion size and calorie control, exercise and getting into the right head space. This is where the workshops come into their own. They contain a heck of a lot of information to absorb but the bits you take away with you help…...a lot.

The first time I did Busyslim and lost weight it didn’t seem to be a struggle. Ok, there was a week where I did gain but that was a small amount. There are times where I had a blowout of my daily calories, but you acknowledge it, take responsibility and move on.

No one is perfect and it’s ok to give yourself permission to have a “cheat day”. Just don’t make it every day. Towards the end of the my first Busyslim 12wk program, and getting closer to my goal weight of 65kg, it got harder. I was losing only 100 grams at a time, but a loss is a loss. At each weigh in the support, regardless of what the scales said, was fantastic. Bad week, the cheer squad was there for a pick me up. Good week, even better. Everyone is at the same starting point regardless of start weight and their goal.

This time around I did have cravings. Didn’t have them last time. Not an easy thing to get past as I couldn’t shake them. The worse part was that I would go to the fridge and nothing would interest me. Go to the pantry and the same thing. Eventually they did disappear and I didn’t cave in. Yay for me. The support from the group is fantastic when stuff happens, whether it is good or bad. One of the topics covered in the workshops is cravings and how to deal with them.

I have now reached my goal weight, actually below, and for me it is a matter of maintenance. The reason for continuing Busyslim was/is to cement the knowledge from the workshops in place so that I am able to maintain what I have gained, sorry lost.

Busyslim gives you the mental tools to do it. It’s not easy or quick. It’s a work in progress. It works!


My name is Jack Poyntz, I am 47 years old and before Busyslim I weighed in at 99 kilos. For the last 10 years I have hovered around the 93/95 kilo mark, but could notice the creep in my weight. At work everything was harder to do like climbing in and out of trenches. I seemed to convince myself that I wasn’t that overweight, but I knew deep down I was only kidding myself.

I have tried every diet over the years and with some I had decent results but after a few weeks I got bored and went back to my old habits. When I reached 99 kilos I said to myself I am so uncomfortable and unhappy with the way I look and feel and I need to lose this weight.

My wife came home a few months ago with a flyer about the Busyslim weight loss program. It interested me because of the fact that a group of people would be losing weight together, that way I thought keeping focused would be easier and challenges could be met.

It was a bit daunting to learn that I was the only bloke in the class but that was short lived as everyone made me feel welcome.

Monday nights consisted of motivational talks and if we are finding things difficult with the program so we could discuss them together as a group and help and encourage each other to overcome pitfalls. Honestly the first Monday night I wasn’t sure if these talks were something I could do for 12 weeks and I left that first night wondering where this was going. However on the 3rd Monday the subject was ‘How to use your focus to achieve weight loss success”, and as we talked about your RAS and how your brain is focused I has one of those moments where the penny finally dropped. I knew then I wasn’t going back my old ways and was set on losing my weight. Thursday nights consisted of a weigh in followed by an hour of exercise. In the first week I realised just how unfit and out of shape I was. I went home that night absolutely knackered but happy.

At my first weekly weigh in I had lost 2.5 kilos. What more motivation did I need than that! I was delighted with myself and so glad I had chosen to participate in busyslim. Every week I lost weight with the exception of week 9, where I was disappointed but it made me more determined not to lose focus.

We were told we needed to do more resistance training apart from just our Thursday nights to help with our weight loss, so I joined an outdoor fitness class in Camden called OutFit, what a great decision that was getting fitter and healthier every day.

I would encourage anyone especially men no matter how large you are to join Busyslim. I have lost 13.6 kg and 41.5cm in 12 weeks through eating real food and changing the way I think.  You will be welcomed by Tanisha the owner with open arms and made to feel at ease. Having others with you on the journey and getting to know them further and being motivated by them really helped me.

Last but not least, Tanisha, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming up with this Busyslim program. I feel on top of the world and I am extremely thankful to have been a part of this first 12 week program. I can’t thank you enough you have changed my life.


My name is Kelly Brown, I am 38 years old and a busy single mum who has lost 9½kg with the Busyslim 12 week program. I have battled my weight all my life. I can’t ever remember not being overweight or allowing my weight issues to effect my confidence and self-esteem.

I have tried various diets over the years that resulted in me yo-yo dieting my whole life, never successfully losing or keeping the weight off…until now.

When I discovered Busyslim and heard about the philosophy behind the 12 week program I knew this was the catalyst I needed to motivate me and help me to commit to a healthy lifestyle change.

Being the sole carer of my son means I have to fit a lot into my day. Being fit and healthy is very important to me for a number of reasons.

I know it’s an important part of preventing disease and illness. I need to make sure I have enough energy and stamina to complete everyday activities with ease and enjoyment. I want to be a positive role model for my son on healthy eating and being active and I want to feel good about myself which will have a positive flow on effect in other areas of my life.

The Busyslim program has been a fantastic transformation journey for me. I have been given the tools to take control of my life and steer it in the direction I want. I have met an amazing group of people who started as strangers but ended as friends. We grew and learnt together, supporting each other through the 12 weeks.

Busyslim’s unique structure is a great balance between the physical and the psychological issues to weight loss. I loved the 2 night a week commitment to the program.

Monday evening workshops helped me to look at my lifestyle, my habits and my mindset around weight loss and life in general.

Thursday evening sessions started with the weekly weigh in that made us accountable and kept us on track to achieving our goals. It finished with a 45minute circuit based exercise session that had us feeling energized and motivated for the week ahead.

Tanisha is an inspirational team leader who teaches guides, listens and supports you through your journey. Her knowledge of the weight loss industry combined with her personal experience and her generosity of heart results in a positive, successful experience. She is 100% committed to helping and supporting you to achieve your weight loss goals.

Learning about positive affirmations, smart goals, choices, planning ahead, finding my internal motivation and allowing myself not to feel guilty about doing something for myself have been key areas to my success.

I have the tools now to continue my healthy lifestyle journey and I am feeling fit and positive about my future for myself and my son. If you’re in a place to commit to making a positive change and are looking for the tools and support to achieve this then join the Busyslim 12 week program..Empower yourself to take control of your life for the better.


Hi, my name is Melissa.

I am here to share my “Busyslim Journey” so far, and who knows maybe you or someone you may know can relate to my story. My journey is not your normal journey of great weight loss, my journey is about rebuilding my mind, my self esteem, my courage and finding me.

In 2006 my life as I knew it took a turn onto a path that I could never ever have foreseen, My mum, at the tender age of 55, was diagnosed with “Front-temporal Lobe Dementia”. I gave up my paid work and became her daytime carer, and remained a mum, a wife and took on the role of an unpaid Accounts clerk to my family business, to ease the pressure on my Dad.

Over the next four years everything changed, my life changed, I changed, my priorities changed and my weight changed. I gained 15 plus kilos and a hell of a lot of mind baggage.

In Sept 2010 my mum passed away, by August 2011 my marriage had fallen apart and I had separated from my husband, by January 2014 my 12 year old daughter decided she didn’t want me in her life anymore and left it up to her 14 year old brother to tell me she wasn’t coming home from her school holiday trip to her fathers.

My life was in turmoil, for the next 12 or so months life was a blur, I don’t remember much at all. I felt lifeless, I gained more weight and more mind baggage. My self-esteem was non-existent, I was an empty shell, I couldn’t see what use I was to anyone, I was even convinced my Son would be better off without me in his life.

One day I was at the Dr’s with my Son and I was reading over the notices on the board, just to pass the time, something caught my eye, it was Tanisha’s first flyer for Busyslim, I read it and it struck something inside me, I can’t remember exactly what the words were but they combined the connection of weight loss and a healthy minds. I checked the dates and they were long gone, I thought why bother.  But I did bother I took the number down anyway.

It took me a couple of weeks to get the courage to call but finally I did and after a 45 min plus conversation with Tanisha, I knew this program was different and I thought what have I got to loose, I can’t get any lower then I am.

I was very hesitant when I joined the programme and I usually sat quietly listening to others. But one Day I spoke up, after that things changed,  I was blown away, all of a sudden I was with people who “got me”, who had issues of their own, who could empathise with me, I wasn’t alone anymore, and out the front was this wonderful women who understood all of us, she had been there before, she knew where we were coming from and she wanted to share with us her very own personal journey and how she conquered her fears and not only lost a staggering 50 kilos but managed to rebuild her mindset into that of a  positive, healthy person.

By the end of my 12 week program I had lost a total of 19 centimeters, I only wish I could have weighed how heavy my mind and heart had been when I started the programme, because by the end of it I had started to chip away at the concrete crap that had taken hold of my heart and mind. It was as if someone had read my thoughts, seen my nightmares and knew my wishes. I received more healing in those 12 weeks of Busyslim then I did in 4 years of seeing a psychologist.

I got stronger, mentally and physically, I started to train with Tanisha and slowly a few more centimeters dropped but then they stopped, baffled and starting to drift back to negative thoughts I sought answers… and I found them. The 5-10 very stressful years of putting myself last, being my own worst enemy and feeling like a waste of space had repaid me with “insulin resistance”.

Ok so how will I deal with it, no tears, no falling apart, no blaming myself,  nope this time I went okay, how do I manage it,  A medical plan was put in place and I am now on medication and looking to continue my journey.

I thought about it long and hard and I decided to put myself through the Busyslim programme again, for a different reason this time. This time I am educating myself on my nutrition,  and this time I am a different person, I am a warrior, I am my best advocate, I put me first, I am proud of who I am and I know who I am going to be.

Since welcoming Busyslim and Tanisha into my life, I have achieved goals I would never have dreamed possible, I have completed a ½ marathon, I have completed a “miss Muddy, 5 klm obstacle course, I have taken up hobbies I have dreamed of doing for years, I take every opportunity I can to do something physically exciting, like bushwalking, swimming in the ocean.

My life is wonderful, I have so many things I want to do, to see and to experience and most of importantly I now believe my son’s life is richer and fuller because I am in it with him.


Hi, my name is Monika.

I have been overweight my entire life, not knowing exactly how to keep a healthy weight range. I was confused by marketing as to what was good and what WAS NOT!! And food was my enemy. 

Id been on so many diets and gone to many weight loss centers since I was 13 yrs old. Even though I lost 35 kg on another program when I was 25, I remember vividly, crying myself to sleep of a night time always struggling with hunger. Every time I lost weight, I continually put the all the weight back on very quickly, PLUS SOME. 

I had decided in Feb 2016 that I really needed to do something about my weight. I was 123.7 kg, the highest ever and I had high blood pressure but it was managed and under control. My whole life my blood tests came back with great results. I was in denial always. I laughed and said I was a healthy fat person. 

In the last few years many people raved about the gastric sleeve operation, so I went to info evenings and obtained all the info I needed.  Even though I learned the many negative side affects, I turned a blind eye because I wanted to be slim.  

However, happily waiting for my operation, as it was coming closer, I was beating myself up about the fact I wasnt being fair to my body to have such a serious operation with all the consequences to lose weight, and IF I could sustain it. Because I personally know people who have gained again, after the initial rapid loss.  

By now its early September 2016 and I have ballooned to 133.8kg. My joints are aching, I have Tendonitis, extremely tired and lethargic, and suffering lower back problems. My husband quacks at me when I get off the lounge of a night time due to my waddling. Hehe

I remembered seeing the Busyslim Ute parked in the car park at our local shops. 

So I phoned Tanisha early September. She inspired me with her amazing story and her 50kg weight loss, and she gave me a run down of the program. 

I just knew, right then and there, this was it. And I cried. I remember very clearly feeling very relieved and extremely happy. 

Since starting the program in September I have lost 9.2kg in 10 weeks. 

My original goal was 50kg by my 50th birthday in Dec 2017. 

It feels amazing to have reduced that to only 40.8kg to go already.  

I have managed to accomplish this because of the tools we are being taught every single week on the program. 

Tanisha is always available for help and guidance in between the meetings, unlike any other program I have tried. And works with us to achieve our goals. Its also a bonus because of her personal training expertise. Shes done the same hard yards we have to do. So, SHE KNOWS how we feel. And can empathise. 

I sincerely recommend to everyone needing to lose weight, to seriously consider embarking on the 12 week Busyslim Weight Loss Program. You wont be disappointed, you wont turn back, and you will learn very important tools, interesting facts and much much more.

It will empower you to realise


and IT FEELS AMAZING!!!!!!!!



Last year I decided to join Busyslim to get myself back into a healthy state of mind. Not just for me, but my family as well.

I was sick of being lazy, looking in the mirror and not seeing ‘a happy me’.

What I realised, is that these bad habits weren’t just affecting me but also my family.

I was disappointed in myself for not making an effort in choosing healthy eating habits – instead going for easy quick snack fixes and making excuses.

Busyslim did it for me – it gave me the tools & guidance to make healthy choices.

Busyslim showed me that it was important to plan and care about myself.

Busyslim has shown me it’s okay to have ‘bad’ days because I choose to make other days ‘good’! 

Today, I am a better version of ‘me and I love it – thank you Busyslim!




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