COVID-19 isn't our only Pandemic.

The Coronavirus or COVID-19 as we all know has tipped the world up on its head. A Pandemic that has stopped the world.

I’ll be honest. For a few days I wasn’t that worried about shortages of food and necessities. I carried along with life in my little bubble. However, when I realised I could not find a toilet roll anywhere in Camden and finding 2 boxes of sanitary items felt like Christmas the reality of how quickly fear can spread and how unnerving the feeling of scarcity is really hit me.

But I have some serious truth bombs to drop. Are you ready?

COVID-19 is not the only Pandemic.

Obesity is a Pandemic too!

And where has the panic been for this?? Where is everyone halving their food? Saying no to processed foods? Having sudden needs to create action plans to get moving ?

CHANGE doesn’t happen unless we think we are going to LOSE something. We can exist with Obesity because we have become used to it. When you have been unhealthy for a long time you don’t actually know how different good health feels because you have forgotten how that feels. Your current state has become normal and this “normal” is also killing us.

We are now obsessed with washing our hands, minimising contact with others yet we are still not as concerned that we are struggling with our health because we are overweight?

Worldwide Obesity has nearly doubled – yep that’s nearly 100% increased since 1980.

DID YOU KNOW? At least 2.8 million adults DIE each year as a result of being overweight and obese. As far as the COVID-19 goes we currently have 5 deaths and 375 confirmed cases here in Australia at the time of me writing this.

I know that some people may not like my opinion here, but as much as I would never wish this to happen, I think there is positive here. I hope that this is a much needed wake up call to the world about the importance of our health.

Health = Happiness

Health = Life

We take our health and our life for granted don’t we. We just live in abundance and expect it to always be there. We talk about losing weight and getting healthier. We pop pills, drop carbs, and live life being driven by how attractive we feel. Yet even when we have no energy, get sick regularly and KNOW we are not living a life to its full capacity it doesn’t’ hit us as much as the thought that we are going to potentially starve or have to wipe our bums with leaves.

I’m passionate about helping people rebuild great health, reclaim their waistlines and more importantly reclaim their sense of self. Last week was my first time back public speaking for 2020. I was speaking to a workplace about shifting our perceptions and values around what healthy eating should look like and I asked everyone to imagine what a world with no processed food or abundance of food looked like. I had such wonderful discussions around what this world would like and how our health could be impacted depending on food sources. How ironic that 1 week later we are faced with the possibility of scarcity and everyone is panicking. I do understand the anxiety about not being able to feed your family. But I think there are ways to turn this situation into a positive experience.

Here are my suggestions for this time:

  • This is a perfect time to implement portion control. Now you are mindful of what is available reduce the amount you are eating because you now have a ‘reason’ to just have 1 egg not 2.

  • You have an opportunity to start looking at sustainable living. This is a perfect time as a family to create your own garden of fresh produce even if it is small right now. Have the room then what about a chicken coup?

  • Been eating stews? Now is an awesome time to make vegetable stews. You can add some meat but a smaller amount in ratio to the vegetables in the recipe (because this is actually what you should be doing).

  • Now you will be buying seasonal fruit and vegetables – which is a great thing because you are going to get more nutritional bang for your buck not to mention improving your gut health and your immune system by introducing variety into your diet.

  • While at home get THE CHEMICAL MAZE and really investigate the processed food you have to make a list of what you won’t buy again when the shelves get restocked.

Still struggling to work out how to cook meals with the current food availability?

Click here for a yummy vegetable stew recipe you may like to try. Whilst there check out there other awesome plant-based recipes. That;s one thing we seem to still have an abundance of! Fresh produce!

So, until next time, I wish you all good health and sanity, especially if self-isolating!

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