Have you found your 'why'?

Do you bound out of bed clearly knowing what you are working towards with your health and fitness goals?

I often ask people what they WANT, and I almost always hear the same answers - to look great, feel well, have energy.

Don’t get me wrong, these are great reasons to want to get healthy and lose weight, but they typically aren’t the truth of WHY we want to lose weight.

When I was at my biggest and struggling every day, I often used these reasons to try and keep me motivated and help me stay on track, but they weren’t strong enough reasons and I would inevitably fail.

My true “Why” came to me like a light bulb moment.

I was sitting on the beach

all covered up feeling vulnerable, exposed and like everyone was staring at me and my son was crying and upset because all he wanted to do was swim with me and I couldn’t because of how I felt about my body.

In that moment a fire was ignited and my “why” changed from how I would look or what clothes I would fit into to instead be about my son and how my weight issues impacted on him. I realised in that moment I didn’t want my young son to grow up without being able to do fun things with his Mum.

This “Why” was so strong for me that it kept me on track, even during really challenging times. It made me educate myself and reach my goals and it also helped me maintain my lifestyle 25yrs later!

That's not to say I don't have to keep reevaluating my 'why'. Over the years it has changed as each goal has been reached. With my son now in his late twenties and my health and wellness goals changes from weight loss to general health and wellness goals i have had to of course update my 'why' several times!

So.... how can you find your 'why'?

When I am looking to hear about your ‘why’ I am looking for you to really paint a picture for me of what your life WILL look like and what you are going to do and experience once you have ACHIEVED your goal.

This belief in the end goal or the vision is your ‘why’!

So if you don’t know what your ’why’ is or your current ‘why’ doesn’t excite the pants off of you then these 3 tips will help you to get the ball rolling

1. Take a moment, and dare to dream – what is something that right now you would not do or maybe have never done because your weight, your overall health or your lack of confidence prevents you from doing it. I want you to now imagine you cannot fail – you have arrived at your destination of being a healthy weight and feeling great. See yourself doing it . If you’re jumping out of a plane try and experience how this is happening in your mind – what do you see, what do you feel emotionally, physically – is it the wind in the plane, the parachute or your tandem guide attached to you???

2. Write it down with as much clarity as you possibly can. Create a vision board showing this dream exactly as you want it

3. Now you have a why, use it! When life throws you lemons draw on your ‘why’. Use it to keep you focused on the end goal!

I created my program to allow you to stop each week and work through the different parts of the pie that will afford you a wonderful life, good health and a waistline that you not only love but has been created in a way where you are empowered and fulfilled.

So.... did you find your 'why'?

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