It's time to find your focus.

Have you ever felt so motivated to lose weight that you have had your eating plan all sorted, you have joined the gym and then suddenly your motivation is ALL GONE?

Even though you managed to get some positive results, you just cannot MAKE yourself stick to the plan. You start self-sabotaging by bringing back past behaviours - eating the wrong foods, too much food or you just stop moving and exercising.

Sound familiar?

I have found that nearly every person I have ever worked with has had this situation and I can totally relate to it because I was once there myself. And each time you go through this cycle it just gets more and more frustrating and disheartening because you constantly feel like you’re failing.

Research tells us that one of the biggest things we need to have in our tool-box for success is FOCUS. But understanding how to use your focus right and how to use it for success is the key to achieving your weight loss goals long term.

The key to staying focussed is to have really done the work on finding and visualising your ‘why’. This is something I touched on last week, but if you need a refresher you can find that information here:

Basically, without that ‘why’ and the visualisation of what our lives WILL be like when we achieve our weight-loss we have NOTHING TO FOCUS ON when the going gets tough. If we can’t see, feel, taste what success is going to be like for us, how can we keep our attention on the end goal?

Without our ‘why’ we have NOTHING to keep us focussed.

The key to staying focussed is to have a vision or something you can keep front and centre that really excites the pants off you. We have all had that item we really want so bad we don’t let anything derail us, that holiday we desperately wanted and needed so we sacrificed going out so we could save and make it happen. Achieving weight loss and getting to your ideal weight range is no different. However, when we can’t ‘see’ what losing weight looks like then we lose focus and that is when the going gets tough and we fall back into past behaviours.

I started to learn about focus and ‘finding your why’ because of the situation on the beach with my son. It wasn’t so much what happened, it was the vision I suddenly had. I very clearly saw what I wanted his life to look like with me. I could see us swimming together, laughing, having fun. I felt so proud of the fact we were doing this. It meant so much to me to see him smiling and knowing that these were memories he was always going to have, and these memories were of my love for him and the time I was spending with him. This was so important to me because I was a full time working solo parent. I was already feeling so much guilt about not feeling very present during the week because I was so busy trying to keep a roof over our head and be the mother and father in my household all at the same time that this vision meant EVERYTHING. When I found my why and I started to learn about how to use my focus with it everything truly started to fall into place.

Now my son is grown up, 27 actually (wow where did that time go) and so my ‘why’ and my focus has changed over the years. Now I have a vision of travel. Every day I focus on seeing myself in Greece. Seeing myself there, seeing what I am doing, how I am feeling, what I can see, who I’m with…. if I told you the ‘vision’ I focus on you would be able to make a movie scene out of it!

So! I want to give you 3 tips that you can start applying immediately that can have a life transforming result.

1. Ask yourself the question and answer it really honestly – If you could not fail at losing weight WHAT activity would you want to do first? Is it that you have jumped on a plane and your swimming in the Mediterranean Ocean? Are you jumping out of a plane, climbing a mountain, riding a camel or are you getting married or having babies? Get very clear and visualise what you will do and where this will be.

Make sure you have a ‘clear’ picture of something that excites you!

2. Write it down like you are writing a movie scene – honestly you cannot be descriptive enough. If you want to make it more visual, then create a vision board to see every day what it is that you will be doing.

3. Take a few minutes before you go to sleep or when you are just waking up to step into your vision. Science knows that in that ‘just drifting off’ and ‘just waking up’ stage our brains are the most receptive to suggestions planted in the subconscious so use it to your advantage.


It took Thomas Edison 10,000 attempts to create the light bulb! So it doesn’t matter if you have tried and not been successful in the past. Your journey has simply helped you to see all the ways ‘it hasn’t worked’ until now! Let’s learn from Thomas Edison and not break focus! Create that vision so big and so clear that it isn’t a matter of maybe it is just a matter of when.

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