What has life during COVID-19 taught you?

Have you found during our COVID-19 "lock-down" that healthy routines that were strongly tied in with work routines went out the window? If you have then you are definitely not alone. While it can be easy to focus on the negative aspect of this I like to focus on the positive. What a great way to really see what ‘stays in place’ when routine or location changes and what doesn’t. Even though it might mean you out of routine, the positive is you now know what you need to change to create a pattern that isn't tied to external factors.

A healthy lifestyle habit should be like a sturdy tree in the worst storm. No matter what, you stay firm, solid and you don’t fall over.

We all have habits - like brushing your teeth – that we have continued to do even though we no longer are going to work/out and homeschooling children. So my question is “What have you continued to do and what has stopped”?

I have found in my many years coaching people that when it comes to weight most of us think only with a mindset of ‘weight loss’. Yes we talk about being healthy but really the biggest factor we want to see are the numbers plummeting off the scales.

Research has found that only around 8% of people who lose a decent amount of weight keep the majority of this off for good. It is a pretty sobering fact. On the positive side people who make changes on a slow and consistent basis are shown to have a much higher chance of long term success.

Weight loss and weight management are two very different things yet they are often put under the same box as ‘losing weight’. It truly wasn’t until I realised that I had spent my life from around 16 through to 22 trying to just ‘lose weight’ that I started the move forward for good . Every time I had this mindset I failed miserably by regaining weight after the euphoric feeling of ‘’ I’ve done it” faded. It wasn't until I realised I hadn’t had a strong enough reason for change, and a desire to look at the bigger long term picture of how to make change to ‘keep it off’ that true success was mine.

Weight loss is easy . No one actually needs my help to do that or has to do the BusySlim program either. There are so many quick options or eating options on the market today that you have a world of choice. But I ask you this. How long have you kept the 5 or 10 or more kilos off? Did you eat a certain way for a year and it was great but then you started to want to add food back in that wasn’t part of the plan so you could live a little more?. If you have achieved a healthy weight and you have maintained that for a few years (give or take a few kilo’s) without doing extreme dieting or never eating a carbohydrate then I feel I can say you have definitely gotten to the top of the mountain and you are well on your way to be able to manage your weight long term.

Weight management is: About wellness. Food plans are flexible and change as you change. Strategies are learnt and new habits are built with no end point but creating a healthy lifestyle that lasts a lifetime. Weight loss is not the focus it is about the holistic approach – mental, physical and emotional. Values you build that align with self love and an emotional sense of well-being. Your self esteem is not based on what the scales say but on what you are doing, how you feel, how you look.

Life is forever changing and our bodies are forever changing as well. In the last 6 months I had 2 ladies who had previously done my group program 5 years ago return for private coaching. It wasn’t because they hadn’t made significant lifestyle changes in our time together or maintained them for years after. They all had made great change and maintained for a really good period of time. However they have also realised that 5 years can have a massive impact on what was working then to what is working now. I have male clients as well but the majority are woman and we really do get hit with the ‘shitty stick’ once we go over the 40 goal line. Mid 40’s and up and your paddling furiously trying to stay afloat, by 50’s so many women are feeling defeated, unattractive and out of control. We are in a constant state of change.

These ladies showed real strength in their personal resolve to continue to look after themselves. Their ability to realise that asking for help again is not a weakness or a failure but an acceptance that as life changes we need to continue to change with it (and sometimes it can be really hard even though we ‘know’ stuff) has seen them all reclaim their life in the right direction.

I want to show you how to identify clearly the areas of your life that need work and how you can do this with in a supportive , non judgemental and most importantly realistic way.

If you are ready to put in the work and take the time to invest in yourself then I would love to talk to you and see if you are someone who is the right fit for what I do.

Till then,

Tanisha x




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